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Read Read!! Read!!! was the slogan of my director in Akashwani (All India Radio). I used to feel, that it was relatively easier to be in Theater or doing Narratives (Katha-kathan). With Theater & Narrative, the job’s done by reaching the audience based on some other authors’ work. They lack painstaking writing or preparatory reading, with rewarding association of the renowned ones, and an array of awards.

But, both Theater & Narratives had already revealed the authority of the ‘Words’ to me. While authoring the Program scripts at Akashwani, I had started conducting interviews & authoring articles, for both Akashwani & Newspapers. Realizing that the material is getting an acknowledgement from the newspapers, my interest in writing aroused. The recollection of interviews, of the people from all walks of life, or the incidences in their lives, made me more & more passionate towards writing.

While in Radio, I was required to participate in "Nabho-Natya". A character in an Audio Play has to reach the audience, through audio. And then getting into a habit, to find or to imagine the specific character beyond its personality, can’t be resisted. During a conversation with women of a Mahila-Ashram (Institution for battered women) in Lanja, I experienced a different world, soon to recognize the true meaning of the adage – “The life of every person is a story in itself”. So dramatic was each life, that it compelled me to put together their narration in the form of the stories. Probably this was the starting point of my story writing.

Thereafter, it became my obsession. Imagining the impact of a specific incident on an individual, on the life encircling the individual, I started enjoying living in the world of each character. For me US was akin to Ali Baba’s ‘Open Sesame’. Every person and incident I came across, has been a thought provoking experience.

Life is interesting and one can still find something peculiar in the surroundings, tempting to be expressed in the form of stories and articles. My short stories and articles on current affairs in US, have been published in magazines like - Maher, Sapthahik Sakal, Gruhashobhika, Rohini, Dinank and also in the newspapers like - Loksatta, Sakal, Ratnagiri Times, Ratnabhumi.

I sincerely appreciate your time to go through this site.



About Me Melting Pot Stories Articles KathaKathan Responses
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