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Highlights of a few Stories

A 'Story' is a captivating game of imagination. A game, to go beneath the surface and to play with the characters. Any news, facts compels me to circle around a character, to dwell with the character and explore the possibilities of resolving the situation for a particular incidence. Though, I may have experienced the power of words in India, I was introduced to the characters in USA. Almost all of my story characters are from USA, aka the land of the plenty. Everyone stands before me, eager to be a part of my story, leaving me with no choice. Though all of the stories are fiction, anyone can find threads related to themselves or someone known.

Please feel free to browse through the highlights of some of my stories. All stories synopsis are available on


A small village shattered to find their girls being kidnapped, to entertain the troops on the border. A true story of a woman, who fights with the authorities, to get her daughter back. Does she get her back?


Amish girl falls in love with an English. She plans to elope and to get married within couple of months. An interesting story, which happens on a completely different backdrop.


Story about the two happy families living in a small town in US, both as neighbors and as friends. Both of their daughters get along very well. But, one fine day, the families find the secret behind their happiness. What would it be? How the families cope with the situation?


She had lost her loved one in a bizarre accident. It felt like she doesn't have life anymore. But, she did manage to get herself together. Destiny was laughing at her. Years later, same ill-fated thing happened again. Who said 'Lightning never strikes twice at the same place'? What is she going to do now?

A Crow with Peacock Feather

This is a short story on the dilemma of women, migrating from foreign countries as a dependent and second-class citizens. With stringent Immigration regulations, it makes them feel like in Prison. The situation changes however, in few years to come, but leave a deep down impact within.


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