congratulations for your poignant article in Lokasatta today. 'Mandicha Vilkha' vividly portrays the underbelly of otherwise a rich geography. The sensitivity and urgency of the situation has been well brought out. Congratulations once again.
- Vinay Dumale (Mumbai - 23 April 2009)

The article is really touching. Looks like America is going through something which they never could have imagined. America as a nation never learnt to save anything as the entire economy was based on consumption and consumerism. I hope Americans learn the value of conservative living now and do not forget it when things get better.
One thing is Americans have an excellent national spirit and they rise to the occasion, when someone gives them the right direction and motivation. It is a divine design that President Obama is at the helm of affairs right now. If anyone can show light at the end of the dark tunnel, it is he.
- Anuradha Thakur (Mumbai -2 4 April 2009)

Article has highlighted very well, a different perspective of US melt down and gave a clear picture of the response to such crisis by the common Americans. This is quite a contrast to us, in India we have traditionally been a money saving nation. We discipline ourselves to live within our income, avoid unnecessary spends and save for our future generation. Not sure if the same is fully valid for our newer generation now. But largely this seems to have kept individual households insulated by global recession.
Amrut Kulkarni (Aurangabad 6 May 2009)

Dear Mohana,
It was good reading your articles in Loksatta. Thought that I should convey my admiration.
-Sandeep Tamhankar (Pune- 28 April 2009)

Khupach chan lekh lihilayas mandivaracha. Vachatana dolyatun pani ale!
-Sangeeta Joshi(26 April 2009)
Very well written article & it does depict the reality. Humanbeings in US & elesewhere have lived happily & healthy through relatively less material comforts than this country got used to in past two generation.
-Dr. Satish Salvi (26 April 2009)
Very nicely written and captured the sentiments very well.
-Lalit Mahadeshwar

Just finished reading your book. Enjoyed it very much . so many thoughts /thinking is the same with everyones who lives out of India. real good piece of work. waiting for the next one . hope it will be soon .
-Nilina Alandikar (Tampa-26 April 2007)

I just completed reading your book, it is really good and portrays reality about US life and culture. Your ' lekhan shailee ' is very 'oghavati' too.
(I do not want to use english words for the above marathi words as they may not express exactly what I wish to say!!)
Congraulations for the writing and award.
-Deepali : (Cary- 15 Jan. 2007
congratulations for the award. I enjoyed your Katha Katha in Orlando and the book. Keep up the good work
-Anil Desai (Orlando-26 Dec.2006)

I read your 'Melting Pot'.
You've shown a matured shown while expressing the existing lifestyle of migrated Indians. Your willpower of creating 'Marathi Stories' is really appreciable.
-Dr. Mahesh Keluskar (Mumbai-01 Jan. 2006)

I read "Melting pot" and was moved by some stories. I guess every body does not have perpective of how emotional partshapes with experiences one gets with adjustments to form roots in a new contry. Keep writing with best wishes
-Anjali Soman (Carlotte- 01 Feb. 2006)

I read your book and liked your style, so what about contributing for Chatura? If you like this idea then we can discuss further.
-shubhada patwardhan. (Editor Chatura-Loksatta)

Heartiest Congratulations! Incidently, my mother has also read this book and liked it very much. You know we are all very proud of you.
-Abhijit ( 26 Dec. 2006)

Many of the stories are so nice that they do not seem to be just bookish stories but a reality told by a person involved in that. I will compare the form of story with internationally well popular stories like sindabad the sailor and etc.
I am thinking that where from you collected all the material, Sam, Roan, Kayal, Nina, kris, even Reema from Zahvar, everything is just beyond usual concepts. You also avoided the love stories of Indian and Europeans; even you touched the reality of the life. I am searching our mohana,
And now I have only to say keep writing as you are writing. You really have great potential and if you can start writing a novel then I bet that will click like any thing.
please convey my sincere thanks to your publisher, she has provided you a very nice Coverage with innovative cover page.
-Sanjay (Ratnagiri-16 Nov. 2005)

Tumcha lekh - Bharatiya Americanancha Paryatan, vachale aani man prasanna zhale. Atishaya manmokalepanane lihilela lekh vachaniya aahe. Abinandan. Aani diwali chayya shubhecchya.
- Varsha Arjunwadkar

Hi Mohana.
This is Shruti from india. I read your script written in sakal. I really enjoyed it. Your experiences are very useful to anybody who are new in America. I felt it is very interesting.
- Shruti Khadke

I read your article in sakal newspaper on 30th Oct 2005. The article was interesting & had quite of new information which I feel was the first of its kind I had ever read ...
- Manoj Lad

Tumcha Loksattemadhil lekh vachale. Khup interesting vatla. National Writing Project (Based at UC Berkeley) yanchya deshbhar shakha asun vidyarthyanmadhe vachnachi godi utpanna karne tyanche uddishta aahe.

- Abhijit ( 21 Mar. 2003)

I read your article in Loksatta on 22nd September 2001. As you have given your email address in the said newspaper I felt like sending you this email. I was quite touched with the condition of Indian Sikhs and Muslims in US. This is exactly what happened during the riots in Mumbai in 1992. I have no animosity against any community. I suggest you as Indians should represent this matter with US Government and tell the Govt. to give you some identification so that on showing this no American can touch you. Indian Govt. has already represented this matter with your Govt. I hope you will appreciate my concern and suggestions. Regards
- Sandeep Apte

I regularly read your articles on 'US' in Loksatta with interest and also preserve it's clippings as those are very informative articles. I feel proud for two reasons , firstly because you are a lady and that too Joglekar. I always appreciate a woman who is just not an observer but studying and analyzing the situation. On top of it also taking the pains of properly drafting it to make we Indians aware here about the happenings there. TV media does play a major role but the satisfaction of reading in your mother tongue is something very different.
As per your today's article, the Americans have developed a feeling of revenge, hatred against the Indians also. Is it the feeling of all Americans or of some hot headed, head strong people . They developing such feeling in initial stages, when the wound is still oozing, is very natural. We Indian also have experienced it during the 1993 riots and subsequent Bomb blasts at Mumbai, when innocent people were killed. That was the time when even the educated common Indian had the hidden feeling at the back of his mind that "Our Govt. should take stern action against rioters". All of them should be sent to their country. It's people who wanted the division of India and having got it, there should be peace. But nobody turned violent except handful of head strong people or few anti social elements who wanted to take the advantage of situation for squaring up their personal rivalry. The very purpose of writing this is just to know the feelings of common Americans towards Indians. If a new entrant comes there for some education or vocational purpose, will he be received there in right spirit or will be looked with prejudice. Will he get a good treatment from the seniors or will be ill treated? We all really felt very sorry for what happened on 11th September and wish that US should get back it's original glory at the earliest. It would be my pleasure to know something more about you .
With regards & best wishes,
- Smita Joglekar.

Dear Mohana Joglekar,
I read your article(report) on worst tragedy of terrorist attack in U.S.A. published in Lokasatta today(22/9/01) and last Saturday. In fact I was to convey you in appreciation immediately after reading last Saturday's article( as I don't know whether you r a regular writer or write occasionally by interest. It was written nicely like a professional.) but some how lost the track of u r email id. Luckily I found your article in today's loksatta and there by the email id. It seems you must be NRI and from write up it is clear that you keep close track of day to day happenings around.
- Arvind Walawalkar

Hi Mohana
I am Jayada Padhye ,65 years young retired teacher from Thane. I read ur Shikshan- vachanache. My four grandchildren are in Sanfrancisco and I observed everything that u have mentioned in the paper. When I was teacher, I always read a story for my students everyday every period for 10 minutes and my pupils were very happy with me. I always give them books as gifts but our libraries must do something extra work for students and our senior citizens too do something for children in vacation
- Jayada Padhye

Dear Mohana Madam,
I happened to read your article in Loksatta,"Shikshan Wachanache". Sakal Papers people were not able to give me correct e-mail ID.
with warm regards,
- S. A. Joglekar
Red ur article in sakal. Nice one.
Mhanje thodefar "values" jyanchyat shillak ahet...tyani vachla asel tar tyanahi vichar karayla bhag padnara hota.Aso
Mhanje ase karnare bahutek jan sandhi na milalyamule asa kartat asa nahi vatat ka tula ???
Wud like 2 have discussion on this with u.


Hi Mohana,
I read your article in 'Loksatta Chaturang' and I think it is very nice. I knew you write in Loksatta still when I saw it I felt happy. The article is really good and true.
- Anagha

Hello Mohana tai,
I am from India and I am daily reader of Loksatta. I read ur lekh in loksatta. In some things I don't agree with u, although I am against terrorism .
- Aditya

July Chatura madhala "NIYAMANCHYA KACHATYAT"
ha lekh wachala. Khupach aawadala.
Mazya mulalahi Hitarach aawadto. pan aapan kuthehi
kami padat nahi.
-Lata charankar

Hi there !!
i m a sakal reader and this is my first mail to u and just wanted to say "Article was very nice !!!" i dont remember the title now !!!
i read that in ' Deewali Ank -Sakaal ' !! it seems very good while reading !!
that was different than the previous articles !!! me and my family members really like it!!!
keep writing on such articles !!! Wish u all the best for next articles !!!
-Pankaj Patil

Read your article bharatiya americanancha paryatan vachale aani man prasanna zhale.atishaya manmokalepanane lihilela lekh vachaniya aahe.abinandan.aani diwali chayya shubhecchya.
-varsha arjunwadkar
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